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5th-Dec-2014 06:48 pm - A Shopping Post....duh duh daaaaa

And now onto all the clothing I bought in the last week and my new coats...especially the bright yellow one. We shall ignore my propensity to not wear makeup

[Lots of Shopping]


High Cut Digital VersionCollapse )
Bobby and B.I interview in High CutCollapse )

I'm still waiting for good scans but here's my previous post

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Translation Source: Eun 1 2
28th-Nov-2014 04:35 pm - Hanbin and Bobby for High Cut

Two more previewsCollapse )

We present the hip-hop style pictorial of two members (B.I & BOBBY) from YG’s
new boy group, iKON.

Together as one through their arms, bodies, and souls they radiate the feeling
of hip-hop. You can especially see the perfect chemistry between these two
people. They trained and underwent survival programs together and have now posed
in the pictorial without regrets. In this pictorial, they wear ‘Adidas’ brand

After BOBBY & B.I’s shooting for the pictorial, they were interviewed about
their first impressions of each other. B.I said, “At first glance, Bobby looked
gentle so I was curious as to what kind of hyung he was. As time went by, I
noticed that he joked around a lot. In one word, he gives me the feeling of ‘the
neighborhood fool’.”

BOBBY said, “Because he’s strong-willed, B.I had a really scary feeling for a
dongsaeng. So at first, I remember using honorifics towards each other. B.I’s
self-assertive vibe is still evident.”

When asked who B.I wanted to recruit into iKON, he answered, “Yang Hyun Suk CEO.
If Yang Hyun Suk comes into our team, we might be able to debut faster.”

BOBBY answered, “Teddy hyung. He knows a lot about coolness so if he were to
come into iKON, I think I’ll be able to develop my skills more.”

When asked about artists that they are interested in working with, B.I mentioned
2NE1’s CL, and BOBBY chose Yoon Mirae. B.I went on to explain, “When we’re
together on stage, I try hard not to get tired. CL noona’s energy gives me a
synergy effect.”

BOBBY said, “I think there’s a lot I can learn from Yoon Mirae. On stage, she
has a really cool vibe.”

B.I was asked about the hardest thing to deal with being a leader. He answered,
“With the hyungs and the dongsaengs, I accept everything. The times when they’re
nice, and even the times where they’re extremely annoying and make me angry.
Because of this, it isn’t too difficult leading the team, yet.”

B.I & BOBBY’s pictorial will be featured in the 139th volume of High Cut
magazine, released on December 4th.

Translation credit: Deeana
at YG iKON
14th-Nov-2014 11:22 pm - Jessica Updates on Weibo!
Hi there! Been busy working hard - lots of fun stuff coming up throughout the
rest of the year. See you guys soon!

Source: Jessica's Weibo
13th-Nov-2014 10:35 pm - Mix and Match Episode 9

Mix and Match: Episode 9



[III]iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="//www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x29t37o" allowfullscreen></iframe>

[Unreleased Clip: Pranking Junhoe and Yunhyung]Unreleased Clip: Pranking Junhoe and Yunhyung

I would say it's all over but another unreleased clip of them pranking Junhoe and Yunhyung came out yesterday. I'll update with the English sub when available. From a footage viewpoint I see why they kept Donghyuk last. When he was complimented by Taeyang, GD, and Dara my heart felt full LOL. Glad to see the YG Family also voted OT6+Jinhyeong like me

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More photosCollapse )

Also since there seemed to be only one post about this I thought I'd cover the backlog as well.

[F/W BTS Videos]F/W BTS

[Previous Lapalette Photoshoots]Previous Lapalette photoshoots

[My Lovely Girl PPL]Krystal in My Lovely Girl

Please also look at previous posts of Jessica in Ceci October 2014 with Lapalette bags
[A couple of the photos]

Recent photos of them at a shoot have been revealed and there is expectation for a fan sign event in November along with a new commercial.

Source: Lapalette iStyle Nate About Soojung 1 2 JeKret KoreanVibe
Krystal's video was uploaded on SMTOWN

Jessica, ex-member of Girls’ Generation, has kept her promise to show
support for her little sister and f(x) member Krystal.

According to reports published on November 4, Jessica sent a food truck to the
set of SBS’ “My Lovely Girl” on October 31 to express her
support for Krystal’s first lead role in a non-cable drama.

The food truck arrived at the set located in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, with a
large banner attached to the vehicle. The banner featured a heartfelt message
saying, “Sena [Krystal's character], who looks so lovely to me, it is
your sister’s treat. Everyone, eat together. From Sica.”

Previously, Krystal revealed during the press conference of the drama, “My
sister asked how she should support me, so I asked her to buy me something
delicious. She promised to send us a food truck. I’ll be waiting.”

[Photos from Food Truck&quot;s Blog]

[Netizen Comments]'So lovely to me, Se-na. Sica-unnie is
buying! Let's all eat!'*

1. [+5619, -260] The biggest strength comes from family. It’s good to see
that the two of them get along so well together

2. [+4296, -251] It’s good to see the good relationship between them

3. [+3645, -459] Can Dispatch not write articles if it wasn’t for SM??
I’m curious about YG artists too so please write more articles about them.
How Park Bom is eating diet jellies, how CL smokes water cigarettes, stuff like

4. [+2994, -267] Jessica and Krystal really seem like siblings that have a good
relationship with one another. I hope we continue seeing only their good traits
from now on

5. [+2810, -643] There’s no right or wrong when it comes to Jessica and
Soshi now, so please stop hating on just Jessica ㅋㅋ In situations like this, EXO
stans and SNSD stans seem like they’re the same. Birds of a feather flock
together, so just be friendly with one another ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+290, -24] What are you going to do — hate on someone for being
supportive of their family members?

7. [+294, -29] Is it really necessary to hate on Jessica for taking care of her

8. [+268, -41] Jessica is being nice to Krystal because she’s family. Why
is her issue with Soshi even being brought up here? Jessica is moving on fine,
so what’s with people still hating on the other 8 Soshi members?
There’s a difference between the way you treat family members and
non-family members. I think the other 8 are just being hated on because
there’s more of them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you’re working on a group project with
9 people, and one of them wants to go off on their own and yet still get the
same grade, would you say those other 8 people are selfish and bad? It’s
good to see Jessica treating Krystal well but let’s not hate on the other

9. [+215, -41] Don’t worry about Jessica ㅋㅋㅋ She’s having fun with
Tyler Kwon. There was an article about the two of them at the airport ㅋㅋ

10. [+172, -24] Why are people saying Jessica is just using Krystal?.. When
Krystal’s drama started, Jessica had made a promise that she was going to
this, so she kept her promise ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

* T/N: Se-na is Krystal's character's name in her drama 'My Lovely
Girl'. The messaging Jessica wrote and the title of the article makes a play
on words using the name Se-na. In Korean, the suffix 'se-yo' is used to
change the expression to a more formal one. Jessica replaced the 'yo'
with 'na'.

Source: SMTOWN Soompi
1st-Nov-2014 01:00 pm - Mix and Match Episode 8

Mix and Match: Episode 8





Team Yunhyung, Jinhyeong, Chanwoo - Let's Twist Again

Team Donghyuk, Junhoe, Hongseok - Eyes, Nose, Lips

OT3 + Team Yunhyung, Jinhyeong, Chanwoo - Long Time No See

OT3 + Team Donghyuk, Junhoe, Hongseok - Sinosijak

Group Dance

I enjoyed seeing Double B perform their song though Winner does perform it very well. I am looking forward to the official song releases especially Sinosijak...Let's OT6+Jinhyeong (but other +1s will be accepted)

[My Votes]My Votes

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16th-Oct-2014 02:32 pm(no subject)
[Tablo&quot;s Instagram Updates with Polaroid Messages]

Jay Park: “Though you want me to be fucked up”

Amor Fati - Kim Jongwan of Nell in Epik High ‘Shoebox’

[Mitra&quot;s Comments on Tablo&quot;s IG photos of Mino, Bobby, and BI]

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