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16th-Oct-2014 02:32 pm(no subject)
[Tablo's Instagram Updates with Polaroid Messages]

Jay Park: “Though you want me to be fucked up”

Amor Fati - Kim Jongwan of Nell in Epik High ‘Shoebox’

[Mitra's Comments on Tablo's IG photos of Mino, Bobby, and BI]

11th-Oct-2014 04:07 pm - Mix and Match Episode 5

Mix and Match: Episode 5




Team Jinhwan - Treasure

Team Bobby - Let's Get It Started

Honestly the level of cute in Team Jinhwan did tickle my heart. Bobby and Jinhwan making the mistake of taking over the performance (AGAIN Bobby?!). The fanmeeting in Beijing was today. I saw lots of photos and videos so feel free to share in the comments. The airport was a mess though. Poor Donghyuk.

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4th-Oct-2014 08:35 am(no subject)

Mix and Match



Team BI - Basketcase

Team Jinhwan - I Want You

Dance - Rocket and Hot in Here

[Unreleased Clip]Unreleased Clip: Dance Time with Jinhwan and Donghyuk

[New Opening]New Opening

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14th-Sep-2014 12:47 pm - Mix and Match Episode 1

Source Translations/Subbing: iKON_Global Subs 1 2 3 Wait For ME lyrics translated: Popgasa

OP Note: It was all reflecting on the past and cute TeamBTV until YG decided to ruin their day...*sigh* Why do you want to test Hanbin AGAIN? Being YG Fave = Chewtoy
EXO-M just posted 13 behind the scenes photos from Happy Camp!

[The Rest of the Photos!]

14th-Jan-2013 11:18 pm - *sigh* The Shopping Continues
These two dresses jumped my entire shopping list to get bought because I didn't want them to sell out. 

Since it doesn't get cold in  Miami these are basically fabulous to wear now...even if they are geared more towards spring LOL

Trashy Diva Hopscotch Dress in Blue Gingham and the Trashy Diva Honey Baby Dress in Red Roses



22nd-Dec-2012 11:35 pm - Reliving Meeting M at KCON
Since we still have NO COMEBACK...though I would worry if we did have one since EXO would be subjected to the hipster trash SM keeps doing to all the teams (except Homin because they are not here for that)...I'm reliving KCON

The concert was great but I'm going to focus on my memories of meeting M and getting their autographs. The kids are adorable. Also I still enjoy this video of me talking to Kris at the :30 second mark LOL 

So @pinuppersuasion asked me to not be so lazy and take photos in the dresses I did that mass picture post for.  Listen...Jessica...I took A LOT OF PHOTOS...but I got tired and couldn't take photos in ALL the dresses.  I frankly do not know how you do it. I will finish and take photos in the rest of the dresses next week...I promise.

Toward the end I put pictures of dresses that got photographed but weren't in the original post. The blue and white one is fresh from the tailor so it got posted too.  I actually wore the one plaid one already so I just used photos of it from LA LOL

Anyone who works/models in print photography I salute you because when I tried to take these photos they came out SUPER AWKWARD! You'll see as you scroll thru...I just was like, "Whatever!" I am not made to just pose in front of a camera with nothing else going on LOL.

I set the camera to a 10 second delay and to take 3 shots at a time...if one of the 3 photos was really bad that's why you only see two photos LOL 

Refer to this post to see the original stock photos and names of the dresses: Shopping BInge

On to the Dresses!Collapse )

Yeah...back from Big Bang...where I touched Daesung (twice; once in concert and once in soundcheck), TOP, and Taeyang. Daesung smiled directly at me while holding me hand for several seconds during the concert (I swoon) biases are Daesung and GD so you know I'm happy! 

Plus Taeyang sang directly to me twice while holding eye contact.  He also danced in front of me twice and let all of us molest him LOL.  

TOP kept coming over to pose and then during the encore laughed directly at me and tried to pour water on me and the two girls I was with while we screamed, "No." I ducked and covered my head so only my arm got it but the girl next to me...SOAKED .  Then he sat down in front of us and held the sign I handed to him after SMACKING OUR HANDS INSTEAD OF HOLDING THEM LOL. 

Why so mean on your birthday Tabi?  Such an awesome asshole LOL. 

Seungri came and danced in front of me alot and taunted us but WOULD NOT TAKE OUR HANDS!!! Why Panda?

G-Dragon did the SAME AS SEUNGRI.  A  lot of dancing and posing in front of us but he REFUSED to put out a hand LOL. He leaned over and stood there basically saying "Look but don't touch" LOL


I'll probably upload a full fanaccount with info from the November 2nd concert too since I went to both. Seated on the Second and front row VIP for the Third. Until them here's a photo of us on the barrier before the show started LOL. I got there first and made space for us LOL....right where the stage is closest to the barrier on the left side 

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